Historical Archives of "Italian" Communist Left

Our archive started developing in 1970 on the basis of the documents that some old militants of the "Italian" Communist Left passed to the new ones. In the following years the archive incorporated many other documents found in public archives and libraries. About the middle of the 80’s we began to digitalize these documents according to the method of thematic selection in view of their distribution by print. The same documents were also released through a BBS net, which was soon supplanted by Internet as the most effective means of bringing to light all the documentation censored by the bourgeois historiography, in particular by the Stalinist one.

Each text published in our web site can be freely consulted and downloaded. You are only asked to report its source and to let us know the use you intend to make of it. A working group attends to the handling of the new on-line archive, but it is assisted by many readers and correspondents, especially in translating documentation.

Seeking, classifying, translating and digitalizing documents call for time and energies: any collaboration will be then highly appreciated. Write us to: mail quinterna

Ελληνικα (to a temporary page) lavori incorso

  • 1868 - 1910: The historical background of the "Italian" Communist Left
  • 1911 - 1920: The Communist Fraction inside the PSI and its struggle against Social Democracy
  • 1921 - 1923: The Italian Communist Party for the World Organ of Revolution
  • 1924 - 1926: Against the reactionary degeneration of the Third International
  • 1927 - 1944: The Internationalist Communist Fraction abroad
  • 1945 - 1951: The potent defence of the Programme and of the Communist Party
  • 1952 - 1970: The theory of the future organic society
  • 1949 - 1955: All the articles “On the Thread of Time”: against the Marxist clichés
  • 1912 - 1970: Collections of letters
  • 1912 - 2005: Documents concerning the "Italian" Communist Left